The virus has been detected in my county now. I’m not personally too worried about it impacting me but I’m very angry with what it represents and how people are reacting to its presence.

Most illnesses like these are very dangerous to immune-suppressed populations, such as the elderly, many kinds of disabled people, especially people who have undergone transplants, cancer treatments, or have a variety of STDs, leaving certain disabled populations extremely vulnerable to the consequences of coronavirus.

It is, without a doubt, in the United States, the blame of the completely broken health system in our country that has lead to this perilous situation. The health industry is extremely complicated and involves many fraudulent factors that are enabled by a half-assed government that allows anything that doesn’t “sound” bad.

It should not take a genius to figure out that diseases spread regardless of class. A homeless person is just as much of a vector of disease as you are. This is why you provide healthcare for everyone and why its not a “moral privilege” that they have to somehow earn by “working hard enough” for you. Because of your irresponsibility, almost 28 million people in 2018 were uninsured vectors of disease, mostly poor, working class families. What are you going to do, “remove” all the uninsured people? Even if you did, you would be left with all of yourselves! All vectors of pestilence!

Of course, the PR disaster that resulted from this nonsense is trying to be managed through a flaky effort from the CDC, the health insurance companies, hospitals and other medical institutions. But it’s too late, dumbasses. You’ve already lost the trust of the majority of the American people. People don’t know if they can get tested or treatment without facing major consequences. We don’t know what the bills are going to look like in 2-3 months. We hear that insurance can’t turn people away - what about us who are uninsured? Because of the fragmentation of system, the capitalist drive to divide and conquer every last facet of healthcare to shove a little exploitation of surplus value, you have unleashed a disaster on the American people. Coronavirus won’t take as many lives as a disease could. It is a warning sign to grow the fuck up.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has blood on its hands for every person who dies in this state. Fuck you.

And to the elderly who want to grip so hard to their fears of “socialism”, fuck you. You are literally among the most vulnerable populations to disease, but you still believe this bourgoise lie that you’ve been told your whole fucking life that money will somehow be able to protect you from the plague. This isn’t true and you’re already seeing the tolls. 25 people have already died in the United States. You keep searching and searching online about Coronavirus, trying to run away from it on your huge stack of stockpiled cash that you simply can’t let go out of your own fear and ego, your greed consumes you, and you are consciously reaching the ultimate collapse of it - death - and yet you can’t let go. Maybe this wouldn’t be so bad if you weren’t the only lives that could be lost here, but alas, disability is complicated.

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