/commission information

If you are interested in commissions, my prices are listed below.


Lineart deleuze and guattari in the pose of spyral double helix

Digital line art drawing. Can be any color, but does not include shading. Can be made transparent on request.

Starting at $20.

Digital Painting

empoleon painting empoleon painting

A transparent digital painting.

Starting at $30.


spinarak natu

Vector-based animation. I do not attempt to emulate traditional animation techniques.

Starting at $45 per 10 seconds of animation, up to 30 seconds, or $30 for a short <5 second loop. Please quote for longer animations.



Marker-Shaded drawing charizard X a muse with a lute

A drawing using markers to shade a monochrome picture.

Starting at $30.

charizard X murkrow

Can be colored digitally starting at +$10.

Colored Pencil Drawing bird drawing

A drawing using colored pencils, using acryllic white paint to do highlights. In this photo it would be the drawing of the bird shown here.

Starting at $40.


8”x8” Painting ho-oh painting lugia painting porygon painting treecko painting

Stylish pop-art metallic paintings designed so that they can be hanged either at a 45-degree angle or normally. Additionally, multiple paintings can be displayed together on a wall and rearranged for unique home decor.

Starting at $90.

Please email me for a quote on paintings larger than 8”x8”.

Shipping: Buyer must pay the cost of shipping if they would like to have the physical copy of the piece. If the art is not purchased, I will destroy/replace/resell the piece after 30 days, depending on the subject of the work. Paintings require shipment of the physical piece because of the difficulty of reusing canvases.

Note: Currently, due to Covid-19, I will not ship to any location outside of US and Canada. I can hold onto your work until times are better if you would still like to receive a physical copy.

/terms and conditions


Markups include:

These will be added as part of your quote and explained.


I will not do the following:

I have the right to refuse any commission at any time.


You are free to use the art commissioned in any non-commercial usage. I retain the rights to the images and source files produced. Please quote me if you are interested in commercial usage.

Prodecure and Payment

Please email [email protected] with your request. I currently will accept PayPal and Cashapp for payment. I will not accept a commission without sufficient information about your character and the desired end product, such as reference sheets, detailed descriptions, and other things. I check my inbox several times a week, so please hang tight; I will respond to all commission emails within a few days of receipt.

I will provide up to one correction per stage of work (sketch, lineart, coloring). Further corrections will require additional payment, depending on the size/complexity of the piece.