2020-10-27 - Supply and Demand

Supply and Demand

Supply comes from your body. Demand comes from their orders.

Pulling and tugging away piece by piece, Capitalism serves to distribute our very being into a fine paste. The instruction set pulls you apart but to extract every possible last surplus it can, it wrings deeply for at least 45 years. Longer in most cases. A bone meal grinder distributed across the socius.

“Karens” - nodes of distributing this symbolic assault: creating an environment that doesn’t exist for their children, turning homes into torture chambers, distributing the husband’s latent heat from the friction of his bones being split and cracked one microfracture at a time.

Each house - a heat sink. But now that heat has nowhere to go. It flows through the salty desperate ejaculate of queer lovers, separated by distance of hundreds of miles.


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