2020-11-09 - Accessibility Advice, Programmer Art

Accessibility Advice

there’s this one piece of advice that’s like, oh make sure you put accessibility first thing in your game. and sure, I sorta agree but the problem is the way its presented comes with a lot of baggage

I think you should build your interface (both user interface and how the logic layer interacts with the UI layer) should be built in a way where its modular enough where it’s fairly easy to represent data in multiple ways in the UI, even if its hard baked into the software (for example, you should be able to switch between different colors on a front end). I know there are time constraints, lack of awareness, ect. this is more just in the best conditions.

This allows your interface to be able to adapt to a wide variety of situations so that you can easily deploy new interfaces that allow high levels of end user customizability but these guys are more like saying. “You should be implementing the standards first”. Which encourages this more static kind of design that can easily overwhelm new developers and discourage the implementation of both a more useful user interface for both dev and end user, and discourage general accessibility and the thing I really hate about this is that the real fishy thing is you always hear this shit from the same people who are offering a service to help implement their accessibility into your software

and it really grinds my gears because even if they are a “bit” right, they are really… something wrong with it. And its hard to address because it sounds like you’re saying the opposite is true. everyone reduces everything in the modern world. its annoying people think, oh my god! adapting to millions of end users? how is it possible? and its as simple as giving more ways to help expose the data layer that still allows control to happen the way you want it. you want to show certain parts at a certain time, you basically allow it to be seen in different ways

To think of this another way and a little more mathematically… if you have 1 way to interact with software, you only have 1 way to interact with it. But if you have 2 different versions, one for sighted and one for blind people, you have two modes. But what about people like me who have migraines? or people with low visibility but can still see things? If you develop one thing for everyone, its really hard, but if you develop a set of tools, the number of ways those tools can be configured goes up exponentionally. Interference is obviously most certainly possible especially upon sloppy implementation, but building a functional interface with many possible confugations in a similar way we allow characters to be customized in video games helps open up many possibilities for how we interact with software.

Programmer Art

there was a moment where I realized that linux bros really arent that fucking smart. they just know some useful things.

like these fucking smart asses have the audacity to call terry davis (the paranoid genius schizophrenic who made templeOS) a depressing idiot who can’t do anything, when he quite literally created an operating system from scratch that questions the foundation of what a computer can be. its fucking amazing, TempleOS is a piece of computing art in its most pure form.

and its cuz natively it doesn’t support like networking, so you can’t go and do social media or fucking batch servers on it, that these people truly believe it’s inferior.

yeah, asshole. that’s what computing has been reduced to.

reading kogawa’s interviews really made that clear to me, and it completely put into perspective what guattari and kogawa were talking about. its really amazing and im pretty emotional about it, these people only know to fucking hide behind their fucking application names, while they make nearly every kind of vulnerable programmer uncomfortable- women, queer, disabled, abused, foreign, ESL, the list goes on…

they’re so ass backwards and they cant see it because they’re “useful little engines”, so they’ll just keep pattering along mindlessly over the same cliches.

my whole life technology was oppressed and I found ways out. I pirated shit when i had no access to the internet, I found out things by fucking beating that machine any way I could, restarting, refreshing, recovering… and i crawled out of that fucking hole. And the best these idiots can show for themselves is talking about looking up pids to intimidate me.

it all makes sense, it really highlights the core issue with linux. for an operating environment that can communicate its very effective, but it has produced a culture of mindless morons, who literally cannot see their fucking computers beyond a cubicle machine in some sense or another. they really think they’re real hot shit when socially they are almost no different from the prison of an end user.

Linux really is commercial… it has no choice but to be. Its submits to the demands of the whole world and its ever encroaching desire for complete totality, it has no choice as it is absorbed deeper into the maw of global capitalization.


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